KIS Tutoring

As devoted professionals, we see the learning potential in every child

Why KIS Tutoring?

KIS Tutoring is one-on-one, and is the best way to improve your child's skills Every child can learn but every child learns differently. We make it our main concern to discover each child's learning preference, then use proven teaching methods that cater to that child's learning style.
Our entire focus is on your child; therefore we ONLY offer one-on-one tutoring by a highly qualified teacher. We keep abreast of the latest in new techniques that have been proven successful with students who learn differently. Additionally, KIS Education & Research Center is devoted to its own research and development of unique teaching methods.

KIS Education & Research Center's uniqueness is why we are the best choice in helping your child learn math and reading.

Here's what we have to offer you:

1) One-on-One tutoring is offered to maximize learning for
the following reasons:

    KIS Tutoring is one-on-one, and is the best way to improve your child's skills
  • Each student receives undivided attention from the teacher.
  • Working with one student at a time minimizes distractions, which is very important to learning and retention.
  • Lesson plans are individualized to meet the child's learning style and pace.
  • Students are more comfortable in allowing their fears and feelings to be known.
  • Students are more receptive to learning in a "safe" place.
  • Taking the peer pressure off the student enables them to express themselves without fear of embarrassment.

2) A highly qualified teaching staff.

  • All teachers are degreed professionals.
  • Teachers hold various certifications including special education, math and reading.
  • All teachers are trained in multi-sensory mnemonic techniques.
  • Teachers are encouraged to take continuing education classes.
  • All teachers have experience in teaching students with learning differences.
  • All teachers are certified in the KIS Math Solutions© programs.
  • KIS teachers are dedicated and committed to helping your child achieve their goals.

3) A team devoting time to math research and development.

    KIS Tutoring is one-on-one, and is the best way to improve your child's skills
  • A team of teachers devote time to researching new methods and developing new math materials.
  • Updating the techniques utilized by the Center is vital to providing the best and most current teaching methods for the student.
  • Utilizing hands-on materials are important to a students learning. Our teachers provide students with an opportunity to visualize concepts through manipulatives and mnemonics.

4) KIS offers educational testing services by a licensed diagnostician.

  • Our diagnostician, Andrea Adamko, M.Ed., is a learning disabilities specialist.
  • Her extensive diagnostic testing and evaluation is accepted at most schools.
  • Testing is performed at the center.
  • Diagnostic testing is covered by most insurance companies.
  • Andrea can determine whether your child has a learning disability.
  • She can determine at what grade level your child is performing in math and reading.
  • Her report will provide a list of recommendations to help your child receive the services necessary and/or to become proficient at grade level.

What makes our tutoring methods unique?

    KIS Tutoring is one-on-one, and is the best way to improve your child's skills
  1. The focus is on multi-sensory techniques that activate long-term memory.
  2. Activating all five senses invokes the most comprehensive learning.
  3. Students must experience reading for long term results.
  4. A network of mnemonic clues in the form of images, songs, rhymes, stories, chants, and more provide students with a reliable way to learn.
  5. Using programs such as the KIS Math Solutions Modules and the Stevenson Language program allows for experiencing math and reading through manipulatives, stories, familiar images, mnemonic associations, music, rhythm, and rhyme which aids in memory.
  6. These methods create new learning pathways in the brain and sets down reliable memory traces for quick and easy retrieval.